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At Aquaseeders, we are one of the UK’s leading hydroseeding contractors, with over 30 years combined experience in slope erosion control.

You can see the diverse range of contracts which we’ve undertaken throughout the site, from working with railway companies through to environmental agencies. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that we can solve your seeding and erosion problems with professional hydroseeding equipment and hydraulic mulch seeding.

What Is Hydroseeding?


Hydroseeding is the process of planting grass, typically to help as a technique to control slope erosion. It is an effective and cost-effective method to create lush, green grass for your garden and outdoor space.

In most cases, hydraulic mulch seeding would be used to apply a mixture of materials including a combination of seeds, mulch, tackifier, and fertiliser onto your chosen area. We specialise in helping your grass to develop and grow, with good weather and using good topsoil, you could expect germination in just 7 days.

The process of hydroseeding is very beneficial for your lawn, simply because your lawn is grown in-situ. You have the advantages of the process being so quick and easy to spray on and you don’t have to waste any time going out to water it.


Hydroseeding and Hydromulching Services


We offer a variety of hydroseeding services that can be beneficial for your project,whether it be a lawned area, a steep bund or an earth wall. 

There are 2 terms that are used interchangably, Hydroseeding and Hydromulching although there are some key differences between the applications. Hydroseeding is technically the application of a seed, fertiliser and water mix. At  Aquaseeders we add a standard pulverised wood fibre into the mix.

Hydromulching is used on higher risk projects and uses different types of wood fibre. These fibres may be referred to as 'bonded fibre matrix', 'engineered fibre matrix' or 'fibre matrix' . These bales of fibre are mixed in the same way as standard hydroseeding bales in the same hydroseeding machine, these bales have additional fibres and polymers and have an enhanced performance. You get a much thicker slurry applied at a higher rate than standard hydroseeding. This helps to provide physical slope protection while protecting the seed to assist the germination and revegetation process.

Find out more about enhanced seeding establishment process, our hydraulic mulch seeding and hydroseeding equipment by heading to the services page.


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