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Flexterra HP-FGM on a 25m high sand quarry face. Extreme slope application in late November, germination achieved before Christmas.


Railway Embankments - seeding works at Chipping Campden tunnel.


Erosion Control Projects - seeding on a re-engineered slope that had previously slipped. The slip had revealed evidence that this had been a very old landfill site and was extremely unstable.


Road Projects - Dept. of Transport verge mix sprayed onto a new road in Swindon. Rapid establishment was a priority.


Flood Alleviation Projects - a mixture of wildflower seeding and grassland habitat seed mixes at a 3Km long scheme in Banbury.


Hydroseeded grass as good as turf but at a fraction of the cost.
'It just sprang out of the ground after 12 days' - Client's quote.


Wild Flower Meadows - hydroseeding at Salisbury Flood Alleviation Scheme.


Wild Flower Seeding in SSSI areas - the results of ecological surveys enable the correct selection of seed mixes. Great care is taken in the make up of the spraying mix and the application to avoid disruption of the habitat.


Spot the Landfill Site - a capped off landfill that formed a very visible brown hill in the middle of a green valley. A two-fold benefit from seeding, firstly preventing soil erosion and secondly making an improvement to the view.


Nothings too steep for HydraCX - belt and braces. Soil nailing, rock netting and seeding in mitigation against erosion.

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