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Hydroseeded lawn in a garden near Aldermaston. A carefully selected seed mix, good ground preparation and good growing conditions make all the difference over 11 days.

Burnham & Berrow Golf Club. A new fairway seeded mid November. We revisited mid March. Harsh growing conditions over the intervening Winter period. The maintenance team monitored the fairway and gave it a low level dressing of fertiliser to promote establishment. 

River bank erosion control can be accomplished by the use of Flex MSE bagging, installed by 5 Rivers. The project is completed by establishing vegetative growth on the re-formed bank.

Access on some projects can be challenging, planning and collaboration with the client will get us into most areas. Rope, boat and rail all used in one season!

Wildflower seeding has dramatically increased over the past few years, biodiversity and attracting wildlife are key features of many landscaping projects. The first 2 photos show the result of seeding along a stream on a luxury lodge park in Cornwall. The client needed a suitable seed mix combined with some annuals to give the initial burst of colour. The 3rd photo is a shady woodland seed mix applied in a now coppiced and managed private wood. Dappled shade and ongoing maintenance will enable the wildflowers to establish and evolve in what had been a neglected environment, diversity will return. 

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