Hydroseeding of Lawns

Rapid Turf Establishment

Hydroseeding is not just about the large projects. Aquaseeders can provide accost effective alternative to turfing to create a lush, green lawn for your garden. Turf is grown in a field, uprooted,rolled and transported to its destination before being installed and watered.....repeatedly. All we require is for you to prepare your desired lawn area to a suitable finish ie. a level , finely tilthed, stone free area. This ground preparation facilitates better grass establishment, as it does for turf. This is where the difference is, we spray a combination of seeds, mulch , tackifier and fertiliser onto the prepared area and that is it! With good topsoil and prime growing conditions you could expect germination in 7 days. After 4 weeks of good growing conditions (mild temperatures with sunshine and showers) you would need to be starting your lawn maintenance.

Advantages of Lawn Hydroseeding:

  • Quick and easy to spray on
  • The mulch provides the ideal environment for seed germination
  • No time wasted with watering
  • More cost effective than turf laying, and faster installation times
  • Your lawn is grown in-situ
  • A lawn in 4 weeks in optimum conditions. We can give the seed the best chance for germinating and growing from our point of view. There is one other key factor that we cannot control.....weather!

Here are some projects we have completed at residential properties:

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