Hydra CX spray-on erosion control

Hydra CX TM - the hydroseeding applied extreme slope erosion control product.

Hydra CX TM is an exceptionally high-performance erosion control product giving protection equivalent to a biodegradable blanket at a fraction of the cost.

Hydra CX TM is a hydraulically applied erosion control product that protects slopes against soil and seed loss from heavy rain and wind. It starts working from day one of application in preventing erosion and providing conditions enhancing fast seed establishment. It is 100% natural product consisting of straw and reclaimed cotton fibres.

Working in partnership with Salix we have developed the application method for this product to provide the most effective use of Hydra CX TM. Your specified seed mix is added to the Hydra CX TM and sprayed onto the slope at the calculated rate. Up to 2000m2 can be covered in 1 day.

Proven Performance

Tackifiers and polymers, within the Hydra CX TMmatrix, chemically bond the soil particles preventing any soil loss even during major storms. The all natural cotton of Hydra CXTM holds just the right amount of moisture to quickly establish germination and promote vegetation growth for permanent erosion control.

Hydra CX TM can be installed over uneven terrain where voids, tree roots, rock outcrops and existing vegetation may be present. In contrast geo-textiles need good ground preparation to be effective.

Hydra CX has been proven to be 99.6% effective in the reduction of soil erosion under extreme rainfall in independent large-scale slope testing.

Faster seed establishment than any other method. Nutrient rich natural cotton adds significant amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil.

Health & Safety benefits by reducing the need to access slopes as opposed to installing erosion control geotextiles/blankets.

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Product Images

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Spraying onto a rail embankment


Close-up of Hydra CX TM


Completed Application


1 month later


There's nothing too steep for HydraCXTM


HydraCXTM - Ideal for erosion control on large slopes

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