ProMatrix - for steeper slopes and erosion control

(Engineered Fibre Matrix - EFM)

For steeper slopes with the potential for run-off a heavier duty mulch may be required. Run-off can strip both the finer particles and nutrients from the soil making it even more difficult to get good vegetative growth. It can also cause problems further away with silt getting into water courses or onto roadways. Standard mulch is usually 100% wood fibre with tackifier designed to knit the seed to the soil surface. Steeper slopes may need that extra performance from the mulch, this is where ProMatrix comes into its own.

ProMatrix is an EFM manufactured by Profile Products LLC. It is designed to provide effective erosion control and an enhanced medium for vegetative growth. It comprises:

Pulverised, thermally treated wood fibre                                                                                               77.0%

Wetting agents, these enable smooth application and aid performance by holding water and nutrients      18.0%

Man-made 100% bio-degradable interlocking fibres for extra strength                                                      2.5%

Ceramic particles derived from Fuller's Earth, to optimise water and nutrient retention in the matrix           2.5%

ProMatrix gives you confidence in erosion control:

it has a functional longevity of up to 12 months

it enables rapid germination and vegetative establishment

it is environmentally safe, non-toxic. Wood fibres are 100% recycled and ProMatrix is totally bio-degradable.

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