The benefits of Hydroseeding.


At Aquaseeders we strive to establish the desired grass seed or wildflower seed in any location, no matter how difficult the access.

Did you know that in the USA approximately 90% of all grass seed application is by Hydraulic Mulch seeding.

Any grass seed or wildflower seed can be applied to almost any location that other application methods find impossible to reach.


  • Each seed specification is individually tailored for each enquiry we receive. Factors such as location, soil type, soil fertility and its future intended usage are all taken into account.
  • Hydroseeding can be used on most soil types as specific grass seeds can be selected to suit the environment and local conditions.
  • No need for time consuming preparation and tilthing, the slurry contains a cellulose wood fibre mulch which aids seed germination. Grass seed can be applied to a machine tracked area and still produce a fully grassed finish.
  • Hydroseeding can be used as a cost -effective alternative to the time consuming process of laying turf and watering it in to get the grasses to knit into the soil. rather than stressing or damaging the root system of grasses when the turf is lifted, Hydroseeding allows the grasses to grow in situ. Germination is assisted by the mulch fibres and the young grasses grow rapidly due to the added fertiliser with slow release granules.
  • Why not try us for lawn regeneration or as an alternative to turf laying. Hydroseeding is quicker than seeding alone and considerably cheaper than laying turf. In the USA a large proportion of all grass seeding or wildflower seeding is undertaken by hydroseeding contractors


Wildflower Seeding

Many specialists believe that Hydroseeding is the best way of applying wildflower seeds as the seeds are allowed to land on the ground surface as they would naturally. Hydroseeding ensures an even distribution of wildflower seeds at the typically low seeding rate of 3-5g/sq.m (or even lower in some specialist applications).

Below is a project that we undertook for Cotswold Canals Trust at Capel's Mill Waterside Park in Stroud. After 2 years they now have a beautiful wildflower meadow with a rich diversity of wildlife. Follow the link and have a look at the transformation of Capel's Mill in photos and video.

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